If you have a very custom pool, you will see this on it. It is a flexible “bumper-like” material that wraps around rocks and ensures the security of your pool.

Straps And Webbing
45% stronger than competing covers as well as lighter and thinner. Will not stiffen or lose strength after only a few years.

White Polyester Marine thread used in Meyco covers will outlast any competing cover.

Originally innovated for larger “commercial size” pools, this application allows you to join several covers into one. Each join is easily Snap Locked, Zippered and then Velcroed over.

Pivoting Latch
No more cutting your fingers and pulling out your back taking off covers like this. The pivoting latch is more forgiving with 360 of movement but also pulls the cover to the obstruction, keeping debris out and maximizing safety. (D-Ring Option also available.)

Available in standard “Screw-Type” or the spring loaded ”Pop-Up” style.

Stainless steel springs are available in: 5.5” (Short), 7.5” (Standard) or 8.5” (Heavy Duty).

Stainless Steel Wall Anchors
Available in various size: 1 3/4” (standard), 2 1/2”, 4”, 5” and 6”

This is a Meycolite Mesh cover that is lightweight and allows all the water to drain through. Covers are also available
in RuggedMesh or Permaguard solid.

We had all of our cover styles UL tested to meet ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) F1346, if properly installed to manufacturer's spec.

Backed by a 12 year pro-rated warranty against manufacturing or material defects.