When it’s time to retire your pool cover, just one call to your trusted Meyco Dealer activates Meyco’s Restoration Center and ensures your new cover is shipped fast, fits right and functions perfectly.

Here’s how it works:

CALL – Call your Meyco Dealer and tell them you need a new Meyco cover. Your original Meyco cover design is safely on file in our cover library.

SHIP - Meyco’s Restoration Team will create a new cover that fits as perfectly as your original Meyco cover.

INSTALL – Your Meyco Dealer will schedule a convenient time to install your new cover so that your family and your pool is safe and secure.

Not Sure Who Your Meyco Dealer Is?                    
That’s easy. Just call Meyco’s customer care team at 800-446-3926 with the Warranty Number sewn into the back of your Meyco Cover. We’ll contact your local Meyco dealer for you and activate our Restoration Center to get your new cover back to you, asap.

If your Meyco cover just needs a little TLC, we’ll send a Meyco Restoration Kit straight to your front door (or your Meyco dealer’s front door). Your Restoration Kit includes a return-ship box for easy packaging, all labels, plus a handy set of cover folding guidelines.

Our Restoration Center’s 21-point restoration process includes a detailed inspection and thorough review of cover "trouble spots." Meyco’s restoration team repairs areas of wear and tear so that your Meyco cover returns home as good as new or recommends a new Meyco cover to protect your family and your backyard masterpiece.