Popup Anchor

"The only Spring Loaded Pool Cover anchor around that requires only one twist up and one twist down. Ask your retailer about this exclusive option.”

The concept of the Pop- up anchor came with the concept of the pool cover. The two have gone hand and hand. The design was recently redone slightly due to better manufacturing technology capabilities and this has truly become the superior pool cover anchor. We have two types of anchors, so you must request this from your dealer.

Solid brass pool cover anchors lay flush when not in use.

Screw-Type Anchor

“This is the industry standard but still very effective. All anchors will lay flush with your deck when not in use. It was one of the most important features I made sure we had. The image here is shown with an optional deck flange or collar.”

Solid brass pool covers anchors lay flush when not in use.

Wood Deck Anchors

“We get a lot of grief over the 2” diameter on these anchors. These are designed to go into wood or composite decks. The reason we go with the 2” diameter flange is simple, it's better, it's stronger and it's going into your deck.”

Solid brass wood deck anchors get counter sunk into the deck so it lays flush when not in use. The extra wide diameter is far more costly than any of our competitors versions of this, but your deck is more important than our cost.

Wall Anchor

“Stainless steel anchors allow us to make the smallest hole with the most strength in features such as rocks or walls.”

Pipe Anchors Assembly

“Different decks require different anchors and this is a way to extend the holding power of a regular screw type anchor down 9”-18” into the solid ground. We recommend these for paver decks or loose rocks.”

Lawn Spike/Aluminum Pins

“These we put into planter areas where you can take them out in the summer or they can be concealed.”


“This is the other most important part of the entire safety cover system. As simple as it sounds today, over 50 years ago it wasn’t so clear, at least not to me. The spring is critical in getting a nice taut, well fitting cover.”